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We’ve joined with eight of the UK’s animal welfare charities to promote World Spay Day this February

Every year, we join forces with a number of animal charities around the UK to help spread the message to owners to get their cats neutered.

Neutering, otherwise known as spaying, ‘fixing’, or ‘being done’ is an operation that prevents female cats from getting pregnant and male cats from making female cats pregnant.

Our latest CATS report indicated that 12% of cats in the UK aren’t neutered.

We’re here to champion neutering your cat as the kindest thing you can do for them.

As well as avoiding unwanted litters of kittens, neutering has numerous benefits such as:

  • helping protect your cat against nasty diseases and some cancers
  • protecting female cats against risks associated with pregnancy
  • deterring male cats from straying from home, or being injured in fights
  • decreasing the likelihood of your male cat ‘spraying’ urine in your home – something unneutered cats do to mark their scent to appeal to potential female mates

Find out more about the benefits of neutering in our video.

How can I avoid my cat getting pregnant?

  • Get your cat neutered at four months of age or younger
  • Keep unneutered cats indoors to prevent unplanned pregnancies
  • Remember, cats can get pregnant from as young as four months of age – keep unneutered kittens indoors too
  • Keep siblings separate – brothers and sisters will mate
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