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Thinking of raising funds for Cats Protection but don’t know what you want to do? No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

We have a range of ideas for charity fundraising that will spark inspiration. Whether you want to fundraise with your friends, family, colleagues or classmates or fly solo – you’ll have a great time and make a world of difference to cats.

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Fundraising ideas for school and clubs    

If you’re a teacher or club leader, there are plenty of exciting ways that your class, club or group can make money for Cats Protection. You could include fundraising as part of the volunteering activity for a Duke of Edinburgh Award, or help young people develop skills they can transfer to other areas of their lives and the curriculum. Not only will you be helping cats in need, but you’ll also have a blast while doing it. 

  • Sandcastle -building competition: Make a splash by encouraging your young people to sculpt and design their dream sandcastle along the shore, all while raising funds for Cats Protection. Any excuse for a visit to the seaside!
  • Pop-up nail salon: Do you know a nail enthusiast looking to show off their creative side? Host a pop-up salon and let their artistic flair shine. They can create stunning nail designs for a small donation to Cats Protection
  • Lego contest: Ask your group to put their building skills to the test by crafting their most imaginative Lego creations. Whether they team up with friends to build the tallest tower or work solo to create the most intricate design, this contest is perfect for all clubs and groups. Charge a small entry fee to help cats at the same time
  • Treasure hunt: Create a trail of clever clues, engaging challenges and exciting prizes in your school, playground or community centre. Ask for a small entry fee in exchange for a map that leads to the treasure!
  • Bake sale: A classic fundraising idea that never goes out of style. Organise a bake sale and encourage students to invite their peers, teachers and parents to contribute their favourite cat-themed treats. From cupcakes decorated with paw prints to cookies shaped like cats, the possibilities are endless

Fundraising ideas for work

Looking for some inspiration for a Cats Protection fundraising event at your workplace? We have some fantastic ideas to get you started, which will create a fun and engaging environment for your co-workers.

  • Escape room: Partner with an escape room venue to host your charity challenge. Teams can work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks to ‘escape,’ with entry fees helping cats and kittens
  • Plant swap: Arrange a plant or seedling exchange. Invite colleagues to bring their extra plants into work and trade them with others for a small fee. It’s a great way to add new greenery to your home while supporting your favourite cat charity
  • Office challenge: Choose a variety of fun and silly games you can easily play in your workplace. How about paper aeroplane throwing, office chair races or a desk decorating contest? Participants can pay a small entry fee, and the winners can receive small prizes – or bragging rights. Remember to get permission from your boss first!
  • Pet portraits: Grab your pencil to start doodling – or collaborate with local artists – to create custom portraits of people’s cats. You could host an art show or auction where participants bid on these one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Employee talent show: Everyone loves a talent show, and it’s a brilliant way to showcase the hidden talents of your workmates, whether in person or remote. Ask for a donation from performers and encourage friends and family to attend. Make sure you include cat-themed acts or performances for an added touch of feline fun!

Fundraising ideas for individuals

If you prefer to take on challenges solo, here are some fundraising ideas you can do alone. These activities will help you get creative to help cats and kittens in your own way.

  • Garden party or fête: Do you have a green thumb or love spending time in the great outdoors? You could host a garden party or outdoor celebration. Set up fun games, a delicious food spread, and invite friends and neighbours to join in on the fun
  • Craft sale: If you adore cats and enjoy crafting, why not combine the two? You could make all sorts of cute cat-themed items like unique cat toys, keychains shaped like cats, or personalised artwork. Create an online shop or set up a stall at a local market to showcase your creations. We also hold virtual Craft for Cats fundraisers that teach you craft skills like pottery and embroidery, which also might be right up your street.
  • Donate your skills: Do you have a valuable skill you can share with others? Whether it’s photography, writing or hairdressing, you could help others, showcase your talents and raise funds for cats at the same time
  • Donate your birthday: Instead of receiving gifts for your birthday, ask your loved ones to donate to Cats Protection
  • Cooking or baking class: If you’re a master in the kitchen, host a virtual cooking or baking class and charge participants a fee to join. Channel your inner Jamie Oliver, and let your culinary talent shine!
  • Car wash: Organise a community event where people can bring their cars to you for a wash. Or go door-to-door in your neighbourhood and ask to wash people’s cars for a small donation

Quick and easy fundraising ideas

If you need some quick and simple fundraising ideas, we’ve got your back. These suggestions are perfect for those who are short on time but still want to make a positive impact for cats.

  • Board game tournament: Why not organise a board game, card game or jigsaw puzzle tournament? You can ask participants for a donation to take part and see if you can get local businesses to donate prizes for the winners
  • Dinner party: Go all Come Dine With Me and host a themed dinner party. Ask friends for a donation to enjoy a specially curated meal and entertainment related to the theme
  • Recipe book compilation: Speaking of food, another quick and easy idea is collecting and compiling favourite recipes from your community or neighbours into a themed recipe book. Ask for a donation for the book and give the proceeds to Cats Protection
  • Book swap: Organise a book swap event where friends bring their used books and request donations to take home new reads
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