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We've answered some common questions about our Little Paws Club below.

What is Little Paws Club and what does it include?

Little Paws Club is a Cats Protection membership aimed at children to inspire and educate them about the wonderful world of felines. As part of Little Paws Club, members are sent monthly packs including a mini-magazine full of activities, puzzles and fun facts, as well as a new set of Cat Snaps – a card game featuring cats that have been in our care. The generous donations from our supporters help us to continue our work of improving the welfare of cats. We thank you for your kind support, and for sharing your love for cats with the little ones in your life!

Once you have purchased Little Paws Club you will receive an immediate confirmation email.

Who is Little Paws Club for? 

The activities in Little Paws Club are aimed at five to seven-year-olds and are in line with the Key Stage 1 curriculum.

How do I purchase Little Paws Club? 

You can purchase a Little Paws Club membership through our website, via monthly Direct Debit. 

Can I purchase Little Paws Club as a gift? 

Yes. You will need parent/guardian permission to provide their and their child’s data and then you can purchase the gift via our website.

What are my payment options?

Little Paws Club memberships can be purchased via a Direct Debit at a minimum cost of £8 per month.

Can more than one child receive a Little Paws Club membership?

Yes; up to three children at the same address can be Little Paws Club members, however, only one pack will be sent out. If you would like each child to get a pack, please sign up each child separately on their own Little Paws Club membership via the website.

How long will it take for a Little Paws Club Welcome Pack to arrive? 

It will take between five to 10 workings days, however at peak times (such as Christmas), it may take a little longer – purchase early to avoid disappointment!

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Little Paws Club membership at any time by contacting Supporter Services on 0800 160 1012 Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) or emailing or writing to us at Freepost Cats Protection. 

How do I update my personal details, bank details or contact preferences with you?

You can update your Little Paws Club membership details at any time by contacting Supporter Services on 0800 160 1012 Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) or emailing or writing to us at Freepost Cats Protection.

Can I receive emails about Little Paws Club membership?

Yes, fill in your details below and we'll keep in touch to let you know when the Little Paws Club magazine is due to drop through the letter box, and anything that will be useful to know before it arrives!

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