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Look up the word moggy and you’ll see definitions like ‘ordinary’, ‘unremarkable’ and even ‘untidy’ – but as we’re sure the millions of people who own and love moggies will tell you, it’s simply not true.

This spring, we’re celebrating moggies and sharing all the things that make them remarkable.

Our magnificent moggies are neck warmers, sock hoarders, furry alarm clocks that wake you up at 4am. It’s time we started celebrating them. Unremarkable? Tell that to the humans whose moggies nuzzled them and purred through the winter.

We believe every moggy is a masterpiece and we need your help to show the world why.

Get involved in the conversation and let us know what makes your moggy special on social media using the hashtag #MoreThanJustAMoggy

Other ways you can help

There are lots of ways you can help us celebrate the moggy this spring.

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