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Every year on 5 July, we celebrate Pet Remembrance Day.

Pet Remembrance Day is a day to celebrate and remember the wonderful cats we’ve loved and lost, and the lasting impact they’ve had on our lives. 

This year, we’re celebrating first cats, and we’d love to hear about yours. Perhaps they were the playful cat, the canny cat, the cuddly cat, or the shy cat. Perhaps they were your first ever family pet, or the cat that inspired you to welcome more cats into your home, and heart, throughout your life. If your first cat is no longer here, we hope you find comfort in thinking about them and the special moments you enjoyed together.

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Why do we celebrate Pet Remembrance Day?

We share our lives with cats. They keep us company. They soothe and amuse us. They’re part of the family and they bring happiness to millions of us every day. We understand just how much your cat means to you and how it feels when an adored pet passes away. 

On Pet Remembrance Day, we think of all the cats we’ve loved during our lives, and our unique bonds with them. Sadly, cat loss is a natural part of cat ownership, but this doesn’t take away from the heartbreak it causes. We want to ensure nobody feels alone while going through it. With our huge community of cat lovers, we have an amazing opportunity to bring people together to share stories and favourite memories and talk about all those unforgettable quirks that made your cat so special.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate and remember your cat on Pet Remembrance Day.

Donate in memory of your cat

Too many cats still don’t get the care and kindness they deserve. Too many are mistreated or neglected. At Cats Protection we strive to make life better for all cats and this is only possible thanks to people like you. Donating in memory of your cat this Pet Remembrance Day means their legacy will live on, giving other cats the opportunity to be safe, happy and loved, just like they were.

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Share your treasured memories

A cat loved and lost is a cat never forgotten. You can share a tribute to your first cat or any cat you’ll remember forever by adding them to our Memory Wall this Pet Remembrance Day. Your tribute will sit alongside the words and stories of other cat owners, creating a touching, communal celebration of the amazing cats that have impacted our lives.

Share your memories

Join our Cat Remembrance Community Facebook group

Our growing Cat Remembrance Community Facebook group is a safe, supportive space where you can celebrate and remember the cats you’ve loved and lost all year long, with people who understand. You can share stories and favourite photos, express your thoughts and chat to others in the group. 

We’ll provide helpful resources to support you. We’ll also create special moments throughout the year for you to get involved in, so you can join other cat lovers in remembering cherished pets.

When you join the group, you’ll receive a free welcome gift of forget-me-not seeds to bloom beautifully in your cat’s memory, as well as a downloadable Coping with Your Loss guide.

Join the Cat Remembrance Community

Spread the word on your socials

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out more about #PetRemembranceDay and how you can celebrate your first cat or any cat that has made a lasting impact on you.

Show the world just how amazing your cat was by sharing your photos and stories on social media using #PetRemembranceDay.

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