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When you’re apart from the ones you love, all you want is to be together again. Help us keep families like Mr Biggles’s together this winter.
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Cats Protection makes life better for cats and people together. 

One way we do that is our specialist fostering service, Cats Protection Lifeline, which provides a temporary loving home for cats like Mr Biggles whose families are fleeing domestic abuse. 

Watch their story below:

(Trigger warning: contains details of domestic abuse)

Help even in the toughest circumstances

Lifeline is a vital service for people experiencing domestic abuse. 

It’s common for perpetrators to target cats and kittens. In fact, 78% of domestic abuse professionals have experienced cases where cats and kittens have been physically abused*. 

Many people won’t leave their beloved pet somewhere they may be harmed, but refuges often cannot accept them. That’s why we look after their cats until they can be safely reunited with their owner. 

We need your help for cats like Mr Biggles and survivors like Ava, so that they can get to safety and be together again soon. 

Any money you donate will go towards improving the lives of cats and kittens across the country. 

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Donating isn't the only way to help cats like Mr Biggles and their families.

*Domestic Abuse and Cat Ownership Professionals Survey, Cats Protection 2023

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