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This April become a Pawsome Player and help us to stop The Big Kitten Con.

For our April campaign we are linking up with Cats Protection’s campaign The Big Kitten Con.

The online sales of kittens (via websites or social media channels) has seen a sharp increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

In some cases, kittens are being sold when they are too young to be separated from their mother, which can have distressing consequences for these cats and their owners.

That’s why we’re calling for the regulation of cat breeding across the UK, as well as empowering potential owners to know what to look for when buying a kitten online.

Together, we can help kittens that are sold too soon.

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The Cats Protection Pawsome Players raise money for cats and kittens in need by sharing their passions online with their friends, family and community. Whether it’s games, sharing crafting skills, hosting a bake-along, performing an online gig, or just indulging in some cat chat, the Pawsome Players achieve pawsome fundraising goals with their livestreams.

You can be a Pawsome Player at any time that suits you, and everything you fundraise will still go towards cats and kittens in need. When you sign up, we’ll send you everything you need to make your event a success.

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