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Calling all content creators, gamers and streamers. We need you to fundraise for cats!

Sign up to Stream for Cats

Whether Youtube or Twitch is your preferred platform, no matter if you’re doing a marathon gaming stream or “just chatting”, putting on a fundraising stream for cats is a great way to engage your audience whilst helping us be there for every vulnerable cat!​

Sign up now to start your fundraising stream. The first 50 streamers signing up will receive an exclusive Pawsome Players pin set and the first 50 to hit £150 in fundraising we will also get a Cat’s Protection beanie!​​


Not a streamer? There are still loads of other ways you can fundraise for cats or do your own fundraising.

Why support Cats Protection?

In 2023 veterinary treatments cost our adoption centres over £1,200,000.This spring your fundraising can ensure the next cat through our door gets the care they need before they find their forever home. 

In 2023:

  • Over 51,000 veterinary treatments were conducted for cats in our centres alone, at a cost of over £1,200,000
  • Cats in our centres spent on average 39 days in care
  • Each cat in our care required an average of four treatments, costing over £90 per cat
  • Over 13,000 cats came into our centres (This number doesn’t include cats fostered by our branches)

Whenever a cat comes into our care they’re checked thoroughly nose to tail and, on average, receive four treatments but we never know what kind of care the next cat through our doors will need.

Sometimes it’s routine, sometimes a rabbit hole, like the lump a cat care assistant noticed beneath Boots’ ear.

Boots’ full-body scan showed that she’d been cruelly shot. The pellets had narrowly missed her vital organs, spinal cord and brain. She’d been lucky to survive. The vets managed to remove nine of the pellets but five were deemed too dangerous to take out.

Veterinary surgeon Katrina Cordell said:

“They were everywhere; behind her ear, under her chin, and even in her tail. Any one of them could have been fatal. We’re confident the remaining pellets won’t cause her problems. She is a very lucky kitty at the end of the day, none the worse for wear other than a rather odd-looking haircut and a few stitches.” 
Boots has now recuperated and since been rehomed. Boots was a lucky cat.

Road traffic accidents, undiagnosed conditions, broken bones, illnesses. Whatever the cause, thousands of cats in our care each year need surgeries and treatments alongside their standard care. 

How can you participate? 

  • Sign up and set up a fundraising page

  • Go live on Twitch or YouTube

  • Encourage your viewers to donate to the cause: shoutouts, giveaways and in-game incentives are great ways to level up your fundraising

  • Spread the word: share the campaign on social media, among friends and in your community

Sign up today and change lives, one paw at a time. 

Not a streamer? There are still loads of other ways you can fundraise for cats or do your own fundraising.

Ready to go? Give your fundraising a boost by setting milestones, rewards and incentives to encourage donations. Join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and say ‘hello!

Have a question? Check our our FAQs or email our team on 

Need some extra help or advice?

We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop the Cats Protection Pawsome Players team an email at: There’s lots of helpful advice and tips on our Discord server too.

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