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Cats Protection is delighted to have received £3.5 million since 2018 thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery.

This support is funding vital cat care assistant, volunteer team leader and cat behaviour roles and providing 10,000 microchips to help ensure cats go to their new homes with a safe and permanent means of identification.

It is also helping to cover the costs of looking after cats in our centres while they wait to find new homes, and supporting our advocacy work to help make a better world for cats.

Cat care assistants

Cat care assistants are responsible for the day-to-day care of cats at our centres across the UK, making sure they receive top-notch care and helping to get them ready to go to loving new homes.

Here Andy McPhee, Cat Care Assistant at Glasgow Adoption Centre, explains the highs and lows of carrying out this vital role.

Volunteer team leaders

Volunteer team leaders recruit, train, schedule and support teams of diverse volunteers to enhance the smooth running of our centres in all aspects of their work.

Clara Youden, Volunteer Team Leader for Birmingham Adoption Centre, explains the difference her role has made:

“Prior to my arrival at the centre there were 17 volunteers who donated around 76 hours of volunteering time a month and were all cat carers who focussed on cleaning cat pens in our homing corridor.

When I started, I chatted to the centre manager about areas of volunteer need, which stretched from cat care, to meet-and-greet volunteers, a gardener and event fundraisers. I also spoke to the current volunteers about what areas they enjoyed or wanted to improve.

Two and a half years later, we have 72 volunteers giving up to 400 hours a month covering cat care, social media, meet and greet, gardening/DIY and fundraising events. Our selection process helps us place the right people in the right roles and we also ensure volunteers receive relevant training where needed, ultimately allowing us to help more cats.”

Behaviour team

Our Behaviour team helps branches and centres to provide the best possible care for each cat while they await a loving new home as well as providing positive cat behaviour information to the public, helping owners understand their cats better and leading to more cats living happy lives.

When four-year-old Jaffa came into the care of Cats Protection’s Downham Market Adoption Centre for displaying aggressive behaviour, it was suspected there may be underlying causes. An examination and x-ray showed pelvic abnormalities, with his right pelvic wing fractured and possibly fused, most likely caused by an old trauma injury, such as a possible road traffic accident.

Jaffa was prescribed pain relief and the centre used pain scoring charts to plot how he responded. Gradually he settled and began to respond to people in a positive way and, over time, his pain scores improved too. When the vet saw him nine days later he was mobile, far less reactive to being handled and generally much happier, approaching her for a fuss with no issues. His fur was also beginning to grow back and he was signed off, ready to be homed.

Jaffa was later adopted and is now happily settled into his forever home with a loving family.

Cat care costs

Cats arrive into our care for a number of different reasons and in varying states of health. As a minimum, each cat receives a veterinary examination, tests and treatment as necessary, vaccinations, parasite control including flea and worming treatment, neutering if old enough and microchipping if over 12 weeks of age (or younger under veterinary guidance).

While some cats arrive fit and healthy, requiring minimal veterinary intervention, others require surgery or other treatment to help get them fit to home. See how support from players helped us care for unlucky stray cat DJ Loveham at our National Cat Adoption Centre in this video, featuring comedian Bob Mortimer who named him when he came to visit the centre.


Microchipping provides cats with a safe and permanent means of identification and greatly increases the chances of a happy reunion should your cat go missing. This is why every cat over 12 weeks of age leaving Cats Protection’s care is microchipped before adoption. Funding from People’s Postcode Lottery players has provided 10,000 microchips for cats leaving our centres across England, Scotland and Wales.


Cats Protection speaks up for cats on a variety of issues including the licensing of cat breeding, introducing compulsory microchipping for cats, air gun licensing and encouraging more landlords and housing providers to allow tenants to own cats.

Support from People’s Postcode Lottery players helps Cats Protection to ensure a brighter future for cats.

Find out more about our advocacy work

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