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Whether you’re a streamer, gamer, content creator or content maker, join the Stream for Cats community today. Help make a better life for cats, because life is better with cats! ​

No matter if you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting out, we’d love you to be part of our community of content creators raising funds for Cats Protection.​  

Our friendly team are here to support you every step of the way with: ​ 

  • fundraising advice and support  ​ 
  • insight and information on cats and fundraising ​ 
  • cat-approved incentive bundles ​ 
  • cat content! ​ 

Want to find out more? Head to our FAQs or if you’re ready sign up to Stream for Cats now.​ 

Gaming and streaming industry we’d still love to hear from you too!​ 

Not a streamer? There are still loads of other ways you can fundraise for cats or do your own fundraising.

How your charity stream helps kittens like Sam

Sam and his tiny siblings arrived at Cats Protection in terrible condition last June. Just six weeks old, they were struggling to survive outside. Luckily, a kind gentleman found them and brought the tiny kittens to us in a cardboard box. You’d have been heartbroken to see what we found inside.

All the kittens had cat flu and severe ringworm. Sam had the worst case our vet had ever seen. This little sweetheart collapsed and was barely hanging on. It takes months of expert care, medication and love to nurse kittens like Sam back to health.

With hundreds of vulnerable kittens about to arrive in the coming months, we face big challenges ahead. With your support through your charity stream, we can treat, save and rehome these little ones.

Current fundraising campaigns to get involved with
Kitten Season

Kitten season has begun! For this campaign we are celebrating the smallest cats in our lives and asking streamers to use your platform to raise funds for vulnerable kittens and cats in our care.​ 

​Kitten season is a time of year when hundreds of unplanned kittens are born. Outside, without the right care, these kittens are more vulnerable to starvation and illnesses like cat flu. They urgently need your help to survive. ​ 

As part of the Kitten Season campaign, these are some of things you could do in your streams…​ 

  • During your breaks educate and entertain your audience about the importance of kitten care with our YouTube channel
  • Get your audience to choose the names of our next Cats Protection litter through our kitten name poll (on Tiltify fundraising pages only)​ 
  • If you’re playing games on your stream, limit yourself to nine lives per game​ 
  • Share content of your cat when it was a kitten and ask your audience to share their cute kitten content as well​ 
  • Use our kitten-themed resources and case studies to make that appealing case for donations​ 

To top it all off, as part of kitten season we have some special thank you treats for you and your cat when you hit certain fundraising milestones.

  • Exclusive 'meow' kitten pin badge for all fundraisers
  • Raise £50 and receive a sisal mouse for your cat
  • Raise £150 and receive a Cats Protection beanie
  • Raise £200 and receive some play balls for your cat
  • Raise £250 and receive a pair of very cool gaming headset cat ears
  • Raise £300 and receive some catnip mice for your cat
  • Raise over £500 for us and as a thank you we will send your cat a fun pop-up tunnel
Fundraise your way

Missed one of our recent campaigns or just want to do your own thing?  Sign up to fundraise your own way. Fundraising streams are really flexible and can be tailored to what will fit you and your community best, all while benefitting cats and kittens. Choose your activity, set your date and create your page!

Find inspiration from our top tips and ideas for successful streaming and information on the streaming basics.
Still have questions? Head to our FAQs or email the team at

With your support we can make a better life for cats. 

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