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The impact of your support

Too many cats are mistreated or neglected and we're determined to stand up for every cat that needs us, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

When eight-year-old Boots arrived into our care we could never have guessed what we'd discover when we took a closer look. Boots’ x-ray showed that she’d been cruelly shot.

14 pellets had narrowly missed her vital organs, spinal cord and brain. She’d been very lucky to survive. Guided by the x-ray, the vet was able to safely remove as many of the pellets as possible, leaving the ones that were too dangerous to operate on.

Every year, thousands of cats in our care need surgeries. Either like the one Boots had, or for different kinds of injuries and health conditions. Your support is crucial in helping us look after them before, during and after their operations. You make our work possible.

  • £5 can buy specialist milk to feed an orphaned kitten for 10 days 
  • £10 feeds a cat in our care for 50 days
  • £20 provides the first heath check for a cat brought into one of our centres
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