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The Cat, Cats Protection's supporter magazine, is the oldest feline-themed magazine still in publication

In January 1931 the then Cats Protection League launched their own magazine, The Cats’ Mews-sheet. It was A5 in size and just four pages long.

In 1934 it was decided to change the name to The Cat magazine and it doubled in size. It has gone from a modest black-and-white newsletter covering the work of just a handful of clubs to a full-colour coffee-table magazine highlighting the work done by over 250 branches and 36 centres today.

The charity has gone from strength to strength; survived the trials of war, embraced the technological advances in cat welfare, seen general attitudes towards our feline friends improve… and The Cat magazine has been witness to it all.

Below are some examples of the magazine from each decade. There have been many challenges since 1927 and there can be no doubt that the passion and the energy of our volunteers and staff have not diminished through the years.

Happy reading!

1931 - The Cats' Mews-sheet

First published - January 1931

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1934 - The Cat

First published January 1934

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1945 - The Cat

First published June 1945

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1951 - The Cat

First published January 1951

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1961 - The Cat

First published January 1961

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1973 - The Cat

First published July 1973

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1981 - The Cat

First published January 1981

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1994 - The Cat

First published May 1994

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2001 - The Cat

First published September 2001

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2011 - The Cat

First published Spring 2011

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2018 - The Cat

First published Summer 2018

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