Neutering costs and benefits


We support many people each year to neuter their cats with our financial assistance schemes.

As one of our key aims, we promote neutering as a safe and painless way to control the cat population. It is also an effective way to reduce your household costs - caring for a mother and kittens is becoming increasingly expensive. There are thousands of unwanted cats and kittens in the UK and neutering is the only effective way to reduce this growing number.

How can Cats Protection help with neutering costs?

If you need financial assistance with neutering your cat, Cats Protection may be able to help through our means-tested neutering scheme.  If you live in the Swindon area, you can contact us on 01793 644536 option 3, email or through our Contact Us webpage.  If you are outside the Swindon area, please contact our head office on 03000 121212 to find your local branch.


Neutered cats live longer, healthier lives and it is the most humane way to stop unwanted pregnancies. Neutering also prevents some cancers, reduces straying, fighting and spraying. 

If you don’t want to find yourself with extra cats and extra cost, we recommend that your pet cat is neutered at four months of age or younger. It is important that the procedure is done before the cat begins puberty, preventing any unplanned pregnancies.

As well as avoiding pregnancy, neutering your cat can be good for their overall health. For example:

  • For female cats, the chance of getting some infectious diseases will be reduced and the likelihood of developing tumours, womb infections and other illnesses is also reduced. Video: Female cat care: why should I get my cat done?
  • Neutered male cats are less likely to end up injured from fighting or stray from home. Male cats that are not neutered often appear frustrated if they don’t find a female mate and can spray smelly urine in the house as a way of scent-marking – an appeal to potential female mates. Video: Male cat care: why should I get my cat done? 
Cats Protection also have a leaflet all about neutering, available in many languages: