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Cats Protection has partnered with a professional fundraising agency, The Professional Fundraiser, who engage with members of the public, at various events and shopping centres, about our work and core objectives on our behalf.

Our agency fundraisers promote the Cats Protection Weekly Lottery and Cat Sponsorship scheme, recruiting new members who will make either a monthly or annual subscription by Direct Debit. They will also respond to and provide additional contact information for rehoming, neutering and volunteer enquiries. Our fundraisers operate all over the UK throughout the year.

Face-to-face fundraising is a cost-effective way of generating long-term support through regular gifts, which are one of our most important sources of income, enabling us to help thousands of cats and kittens across the UK each year.

Our face-to-face fundraisers will always:

  • wear charity-branded clothing
  • wear a clearly displayed ID badge (usually on a lanyard)
  • work within the confines of their allocated position at the venue/retail space they are operating in
  • complete a health and safety and fire safety risk assessment, and maintain a safe environment for staff and members of the public
  • if you set up a financial donation, the fundraiser will let you know that they work for an agency along with how much the agency will be paid and how much we expect to raise from the campaign

Our face-to-face-fundraisers will never:

  • ask for or accept a donation of cash or goods (in such situations we will advise members of the public to contact and make their donation through their local Cats Protection branch or centre)
  • behave in a way that might reasonably cause a nuisance or obstruct members of the public
  • behave in a way, or say, do, or display any material that might reasonably cause a member of the public to become alarmed or distressed

If you need reassurance that a fundraiser is legitimate, or you have another query regarding our face-to-face fundraising, please contact our Supporter Services team at 0800 917 2287 or

The Professional Fundraiser specialise in quality and professional fundraising and are dedicated to the charity sector. If you would like to learn more about The Professional Fundraiser, please visit their website.

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