What we do

The branch aims to help cats and kittens both in branch care and working with communities to help stray or community cats and feral cats. We do this in the following ways: 

Taking in unwanted, surrendered and stray cats, providing them with a safe environment with enrichment that encourages normal cat behaviour, food & water and veterinary care
With over 30 cats reported to us each week, we have to prioritise calls for help received. We operate a "waiting to come into care" list, and at the moment there are more cats waiting than we have pen space for. Please be patient and considerate when you are reporting a stray cat to us. We are all volunteers and give up our family time to help cats in need. If we can help immediately then we will, but we cannot possibly take every reported cat into our care. If you can meet us half-way in providing out of rescue care for the cat you wish to report until we have available rescue space this would really help. 

If you need to request assistance with a cat please email welfareteamleader@walsall.cats.org.uk or call 01922 682005. Please note as volunteers with jobs and families, we cannot respond on a 24 hour, 365 day basis and your understanding of this would be appreciated.

We aim to find new loving homes for cats which come into branch care and seek to best match cats to potential adoptees, ensuring the right home for the right cat. We prepare each cat ready for homing. Each cat is neutered/spayed (if not already and/ or a voucher provided), vaccinated, flea and parasite treated, vet checked and provided with a medical summary form and 4 weeks’ free Pet-Plan insurance.
If you are interested in providing a forever home to a cat, please click on the Adopt a Cat tab at the top of this page or call our Adoption Team Leader on 01922 682005 

Learning to love - Our aim is to improve understanding of cats and their care. Cats Protection offers free educational talks for all ages, to schools and community groups of all ages, covering a range of different topics from responsible pet ownership to careers with cats. The talks are fun, informative and can be customised to suit your group or curriculum requirements. We supply free goodies and other resources with each talk.
To learn more about educational talks or to book a talk please visit https://education.cats.org.uk/ or contact branchteamleader@walsall.cats.org.uk

Pay towards ongoing veterinary costs for cats adopted with defined medical conditions:
Some cats come into our care with ongoing medical needs defined. To support and enable these cats to find new homes and not let their medical needs be a barrier to such, we continue to pay veterinary costs for some cats.
  • Lost and Found Cats – we host information of all lost and found cats reported to us in Walsall. Please click on the Lost & Found Tab for more information.
  • Interested in Helping – Come Join Us to Make Difference to the Lives of Cats in Need - We are run entirely by volunteers and we couldn’t do any of the above without our brilliant band of volunteers who give up their time to keep the branch running. We are always looking to recruit new volunteers, please check out our volunteer page to find out more. 

Like our Facebook pages to see regularly what we do – Please visit our Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/catsprotectionwalsallborough

For general cat care help and advice, please visit the main Cats Protection website at where you will find a large amount of useful, informative and reliable resource at your finger-tips - https://www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice