Outdoor cats

Put an end to rodent problems in your farm, stable, yard etc.

Stables, yards, small holdings etc. can become havens for rats and mice that eat feed and bedding, spread diseases and can cause damage to buildings and equipment.
We can offer an environmentally friendly way of controlling these pests in the form of working cats looking for a rural retreat – all they need in return is food, water, shelter, a warm bed and the occasional veterinary treatment.  

An outdoor cat can also be good for people that like cats but don't necessarily want to have a cat living indoors.  

We ask for a minimum donation for feral/out door cats.
If you feel you could use an outdoor cat or two on your property, then please get in touch by either call us on
07954 491 738 or email info@walthamforest.cats.org.uk
We look forward to hearing from you!