Domino's Story

Domino's Story

Domino was found on a farm limping badly. (21/08/2019)

On closer inspection we saw his front leg protruding at an awkward angle.
He was very friendly so it was easy to pick him up and check him over.
His front leg was twisted like a corkscrew.

So off to the vets he went, where an xray was done, his leg was broken on 4 places and had tried to mend, so it had fused at each break, but not in a straight line.

So the vet said it was best it was amputated rather than break it in the 4 places with mutiple pins, as the breaks were weak and may not mend firmly. So off it came.

He is adapting well, and so friendly considering what he's been through.

This is why we fundraise, as we never know whats around the corner in what we we rely on you lovely people who help us through these difficult times.

He will be looking for a home when we think he is coping, with a secure garden.

25/10/2019 Domino was adopted and went to his new home.