Lottie's Story


Lottie came into care having given birth to kittens.

Not unusual you may think, but she was in her 9th year, giving birth twice a year.

She was a wreck, we got her spayed very quickly to help her gain weight.

Sadly we found she couldnt keep her food down long enough, having getting food where and when she could, so we then cut her feeds down to smaller portions so she didnt scoff.
This didnt work either, even after getting her a special dish to help with that......she was still being sick.
Vets gave her anti inflamatories and antibiotics, we did blood tests to see if she had an infection.

Our last thought was her food, so we changed it to a sensitive dry biscuit.........it worked a treat, no more sickness, her weight came on rapidly and her coat shone a deep deep black silk.

It took us 5 months, but we got there in the end.

We will go to any length to get a cat well and this was another success story.

She soon was adopted and is doing very well and a happy lady having so much attention for herself with no more being used for breeding.