Pliskin's Story


Pliskin was a sweet lad, a 4 year old who came to us via the owners being allergic to him.

We noticed a few bald patches, which we treated with some steroids, but it didnt clear up, it was getting worse.

Many blood tests were done, first off we thought it maybe a flea allergy, we treated him but still no change, so tried differernt ones, still no difference, so back on steroids which did help, but when he came off them his fur fell out again, so back on steroids, were were begining to think we were fighting a losing battle, as steroids too long can damage other organs, but then we reached his peak i guess and his fur came back, his health couldnt be any better....
It took over 6 months of vet runs on a weekly basis, we didnt give up on him and he didnt give up on us......

He was then adopted, we were all sad to see him go, as we are on many occasions when we have a long term cat with an illness......but happy that he had a home at the same time.......and hes loving it, he sends a christmas card every year since to tell us how hes doing.