Shadow's Story

Shadow's Story.

Shadow came a knocking at a door one need of care.

He was limping badly, till it was noticed he wasnt putting the leg down at all.
On closer looking he had no paw left at all, it was all eaten away.

So we were called, and immediately took him off to the vets. (Swanspool)
Which on closer investigation they said this foot had been like this for quite some time to get this bad.
With blood tests first to see if he had FIV or any other serious disease, checking for cancer and did a biopsy.
All came back clear, so there was only one option left.....Amputation!

Its been a week now since the operation and he is doing well.
So well in fact i dont think he even realises whats happened, hes jumping up and down like any normal cat.
The pain must be his greatest relief, and that the door he went knocking on were there to help him.

So he chose his new owner, which he will go to in about another week when hes got the all clear from the vets.
(Adopted 03/03/2019)

Please keep a check on their paws, it may have just started off with a small cut, then infection set in.....these types of injuries can happen anytime to our beloved felines, an idea to have pet insurance, you never know what may happen to your beloved felines, they do get up to all sorts...just the cost of a sandwich and a cup of coffee once a month.

This type in injury requires xrays, blood tests, biopsys and so much more. Before you know it its just £'s then its runs into £100's and £1,000's.

Now you can understand why we fundraise, the cost of vets bills mount up.
If you cant make it to one of our events you can give via our page

After the operation (Before)
Now adopted and happily settled. (After)