Steve's Story

Steve's Story.

Steve has been in care since late 2017.

He was found in a warehouse looking very sorry for himself, underfed, his coat was a mess, he was not neutered but what a personality he had......

He was very loving and friendly for being a stray for such a long time, we reckon his age to be about 5 years old.

But what we didn't know was that he had an underlying problem, which our vets are still trying to diagnose.

He had a sore on his side, so off to the vets for treatment as it wasnt healing, we tried creams and sprays, antibiotics and even several courses of steroids.

We  then had a blood test to see if any abnormal problems lay there.

His white cell count was through the roof, making him very vunerable to infections.

But his breakout just spread, he developed many open sores on his body, top to toe....we did not know what to try next.
Our last try is a biopsy, it doesn't look pleasant, and this is his best side, i didnt want to upset you by showing how bad it is, but hopefully we will find out what is causing him this dilemma.
Even with the biopsy done, Steve didnt like it, he removed his own stitches and had to go back for more, so now he is wearing a cone, which is not going down well and is being hand fed as he cant cope with his dish, but he's lapping up the fuss as he is that adorable and loving.

Results on his biopsy are negative, the vets have no idea. He is now back on steroids and antibiotics, his cone for another week till all scabs have healed and his fur starts to grow back.

22/03 Today his cone came off, he was happy with that, I know he has some grooming to do, so we will see how far he goes with it. Lets hope he leaves his patches alone as they are about healed now. Great news, he has been a good boy.
26/03: Vets are happy with his progress, he is healing well, so it was time to cut down the steroids, wean him off slowly.
30/03: Sadly the weaning off isnt working, he has a sore back, so were now back on full dose of steroids again, and it has kept is at far!
09/04: Vets say he may have to stay on steroids for life. He will be monitored over time. (CP will cover the cost of his steroids and the odd blood test maybe called for)
22/05: He has now been fully vaccinated and is still taking steroids, but the dose is still undergoing dosage requirments, although he is doing well, we still have to try getting him off steroids, every time we try to lower the dosage he has a set back so then its back to the begining and start again.
05/06: Steve has come off his steroids, so far so good, he is responding very well with no set backs....fingers crossed he is now fit and healthy and ready for rehoming.
Steve has now been homed, he is doing very well and now called Ozzy for his crazyness.....

Any help by donation would be great for his and others recovery. We will do everything we can, we never give up.