Happy Endings

Volunteering for Cats Protection is so rewarding and yes we do get to play with the cutest kittens. Unfortunately that is a very small percentage of what we do. Many of our fosterer's have had to care for cats and kittens that have come to us in a really bad way and many have taken months to recuperate. Our dedicated foster carer's have had many a sleepless night, hand rearing orphaned kittens, dealing with injured cats that have lost all trust in the human race and cats that behave aggressively due to the pain they are in. Fortunately, the majority of these cats have a happy ending and we would like to share some of their stories with you.

Mr Rigsby’s Story

Mr Rigsby was reported to us by a lady who found him living in her shed, he was not approachable but she had managed to get some food down for him. Mr Rigsby was semi-feral but he was in such a bad way, he was unable to put up a fight when we went over to get him. We were never really sure what had happened to Mr Rigsby but he was covered in cement, he was bone thin and yellow (jaundice). If we are honest, we really didn’t think Mr Rigsby had much of a chance, he really was in a very bad way. He was taken to the vets where he was put on a drip for a few days.

Mr Rigsby went home with a foster carer and that’s where he spent the next 3 to 4 months. He eventually started to gain weight and feel better but he was still very scared of people and we knew that there was a chance that this would never change. Mr Rigsby clearly could not manage to fend for himself; neither could he cope with living in a house, far too stressful for him so we needed to find someone who would allow him to live in their garden where he would be provided with regular food and water.

A Happy Ending

Once we had a little shelter built for Mr Rigsby, we moved him to his new home in the garden and that is where he still lives.He has regular food and water and he can often be seen playing with the owners residential cats. Mr Rigsby has also been seen entering the owners house but makes a quick exit when anyone approaches him so there is hope for him yet.



Thomas's Tale
Thomas was reported as a stray with an injury. Although he was not feral, he was very timid and scared. Thomas wasn’t particularly friendly and caution was taken with Thomas being such a large cat. Once caught, he was taken to a foster carer where he was given a nice warm bed and plenty of food. Thomas went to the vets the next morning to have his wound looked at and then it was a matter of getting him healthy and working on his trust issues.
Thomas had clearly been a pet at some time in his life but had probably been abandoned at quite a young age and left to fend for himself. He did start to enjoy the attention but then panic. We never really know what has happened to cats like Thomas so it really is just a matter of time to try and work out the do's and don'ts.
After several months, Thomas had made a full recovery and started to trust again. He enjoyed a fuss and was ready to start a new life. Thomas found a lovely home where he settled in quickly. I imagine he is fully in charge of the whole house, garden and every other garden.