What we do

We encourage the neutering of all cats. All (adult) cats that come into our care will be neutered before being re-homed. We are able to issue vouchers to help with the cost of neutering for those unable to afford to have their cat neutered. There are many good reasons why you should have your cat neutered.

Taking Cats into Care
We have a increasingly limited spaces available with our fosterers to take in stray and unwanted cats and kittens and look after them until we can find good homes for them.

If you know of Kittens with or without their mothers outside please contact us immediately as this is considered our highest priority.

Trapping of Stray / Injured Cats
We are able to help capture stray cats using our humane cat traps. Please contact our branch for further details, email: info@welwynhatfield.cats.org.uk
Help with Feral Colonies
We have a very small but dedicated team of volunteers who trap, neuter, and return feral cats to their colonies.

Lost and Found
We offer advice on what to do if you have lost a cat and advertise lost & found cats on our website. We are able to scan cats believed to be lost or stray. If they are micro-chipped we can contact their owners to reunite them if the information held with the chip provider has been kept up to date. If a cat has not got a chip we can provide a paper collar with our contact details to see if an owner comes forward, before placing on a waiting list to come into care (subject to available foster homes).

We help with information and advice on cat care issues or on what to do for a cat in need. We have specialist leaflets available on cat care, feline diseases and many other cat related subjects. We also have an information stand and would be pleased to talk to you about what we do, cat issues, such as feral cats and care of cats, or even just about cats!

Last but by no means least, Fundraising enables us to do all of the above. Nearly all of our volunteers work, yet we are out most weekends running charity stalls at local fetes and events to try and raise funds to continue to support cats & kittens in the local community. Hopefully you may see us out and about! If so, please come and meet us and, more importantly, spend some money with us!!!  Perhaps you are running a local event and would like to see us there?

Please see our Support Us page for ways in which you could help.