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If you are worried about someone finding out you have visited our website, take a look at the advice below.

How to cover your tracks

If you’re worried, we would recommend:

  • browsing in private or incognito. Most web browsers will allow you to do this through clicking the menu at the top right of the browser and selecting ‘in private browsing’ or 'incognito browsing’. Using these will mean that your internet history is not recorded or stored on your device, making it harder for anyone else to see what webpages you have been viewing
  • delete our website from your history. If you’re not browsing in private or incognito, you can delete our website and any related searches in your history. Go to the menu on your web browser (usually the top right corner of the browser) and click on ‘history’. From here you will be able to search for our website ( and delete any entries

For more information on staying safe online and covering your tracks, visit Women's Aid’s internet safety advice page.

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