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In memory of Shandy

I lost my sweet, beloved Shandy on February 28, 2024. She was very sick — heart and kidneys— but I so hoped she’d get better, even though she was crying in pain. Finally took her to the emergency vet, who said there was no hope and compassionately and gently put her to sleep. I was with her and was able to kiss her goodbye and tell her I loved her so much. She was almost 18. Her twin sister is still with us but she’s very different.  Shandy was one in a million. She was super intelligent. She would watch birds on TV and would run to the back of the set to find them. She was a musician: she made a percussion instrument out of the Venetian blinds. She bullied her sister relentlessly: she set the rules. You do not go here. Hiss hiss.  I miss you and love you so much, Shannygirl, and you will forever live in my memory and my heart. 

by Leni Green

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