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In memory of Piper

Piper 21.06.2014 - 26.04.2024 You were such a character. You often went off on adventures and got yourself into all sorts of trouble. Many times we had to rescue you from our flat roof extension as you insisted on getting up there somehow but couldn’t remember how to get down. Your greatest loves were food and sleep (in no particular order). Mealtimes were therefore a joyous noisy affair, and when you weren’t sleeping on your back in one of your beds, you slept in the most inconvenient places you could find, across a doorway or fully stretched out in front of the Aga. You gave us so much laughter and we never ceased to chuckle at the way you sat in this hilarious position throughout your whole life, we will always treasure the many pictures I have of this. You were not supposed to leave us this soon and you’ve left a huge hole in our world.

by Jennifer Clark

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