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Please see our frequently asked questions below.


Why have you changed the way you are supporting cats in Liverpool? 

Cats Protection will continue to offer our services in Liverpool. We have a subsidised neutering scheme that supports eligible cat owners in getting their cats neutered for only £10 and our Warrington and St Helens Adoption Centres are continuing with business as usual. Through these changes we will be able to reach even more cats and owners in need. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact us.

What does this mean for the cats in Liverpool that need help?

There will still be support available for cats in Liverpool. The Cats Protection subsidised neutering scheme will be available across Liverpool which allows eligible members of the public to get their cats neutered for £10. The team will be focused on encouraging and supporting the neutering of owned cats and may still be able to support in certain circumstances with transportation to the vets, lending cat carriers and booking vet appointments. You can find out more about our neutering scheme or call us on: 03000 12 12 12

How do I neuter my cat on the Cats Protection neutering scheme? 

Find out which vets are participating in our neutering scheme by checking our neutering map.

How do I get support with my vet bills for my cat in Liverpool? 

While we are able to offer financial assistance in certain circumstances for neutering and microchipping, there are other charities and specific services dedicated to assisting with vet bills. You can get in touch with the below organisations who may be able to help you: 

What if I find a stray cat? 

If you think that you have found a stray cat, we have handy guidance on what to do. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can provide advice: 03000 12 12 12.

What if I find a cat that is injured and it's an emergency? 

If you have any concerns about a kitten or cat’s welfare, we always advise to report it straight away to the RSPCA. You can get in touch with them by calling 0300 1234 999

What if I need help neutering feral or community cats? 

Feral and community cats can also be neutered under our subsidised neutering scheme and the team may be able to lend traps and give advice to members of the public on trapping where appropriate. Please get in touch with us online or by calling 03000 12 12 12

What if I am considering rehoming my cat? 

Giving up your cat is never an easy decision. We’ve created a guide to help you decide if and when you should rehome your cat. If you’ve considered all your options and decided you still want to rehome your cat, please do get in touch with our St Helens Adoption Centre.

In addition to this, you can also get in touch with RSPCA Wirral & Chester Branch.

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