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Neutering is one of Cats Protection’s three primary objectives. We spend around £6 million every year helping people to neuter their pet cats and prevent the expansion of feral colonies.

Find out more about Cats Protection Community Neutering Officers, including what they do and why it's so important for cats across the UK.

We achieve our neutering work in a number of ways, including the following:

By the work of our volunteer branches

Working entirely unpaid, our volunteers advise owners, trap feral cats to neuter them, take cats to and from the vets for neutering and attend county shows and events as well as other charities’ roadshows. They are truly our unsung heroes in the battle to keep the UK’s cat population under control.

By the efforts of our centres

Our centres around the UK are staffed by full-time employees and volunteers. As well as devoting huge amounts of energy to the care of cats they look after, many of the staff are hugely active in neutering and monitoring the welfare of feral colonies. Many of the centres’ full-time employees work unpaid in evenings to help with feral cat care.

Through working with other larger charities

We work with the PDSA and their Pet Aid Hospitals as a principle funder of subsidised cat neutering across the UK. This has enabled the PDSA to offer neutering for cats at all its hospitals.

We also support proactive community events led by the RSPCA and work jointly with a number of charities in London to offer low cost neutering through the London Cat Care and Control Consortium (C4) campaign.

By supporting smaller charities

We provide over half a million pounds worth of neutering vouchers to over 50 smaller charities to use to help them deal with the cat problem in their local area, especially in areas where we do not have a local volunteer branch. Our resources for this work are finite and the recruitment of new charities is very limited so we impose strict criteria when selecting groups to work with.


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Through the work of individual volunteers

We also provide vouchers to support individual volunteers who help neuter feral cats in their local area. Please contact us on 03000 12 12 12 if you are interested in volunteering in an area currently with no Cats Protection branch.

Working with social housing providers

We launched an innovative new initiative in 2009 with the help of statutory bodies. Dog wardens, environmental health officers, housing officers and police community support officers have become our eyes, ears, and, in many cases, wheels in communities where the cat population is causing problems. Local authorities or housing providers are welcome to contact us for more information about joining the scheme.

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Through our fixed-cost neutering campaigns

In targeted areas of the UK we run neutering drives where owners can get their cat neutered for a fixed-cost. See if there is a campaign in your area.

Current regional neutering campaigns

Through our National Information Line

Wherever you are in the UK, we can help with neutering. In areas where we do not have a local branch or centre, we can still provide vouchers by post for owners or feral carers to neuter their cats. For more information call 03000 12 12 12 option 2 (lines open from 9.30am-1pm).

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