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York Adoption Centre Winter Campaign

With your support we can continue to be there for more cats in need this winter.

At Cats Protection we understand the unique bond that is shared by cats and people, they are a part of our family. They bring happiness to millions of us every day. Yet too many cats don’t get the care and kindness they deserve. At Cats Protection we stand up for every cat. That’s why we offer a number of services and support designed to make life better for cats and people together, but demand for these services is growing.  

Just £20 could provide the first health check for a cat brought into York Adoption Centre today.  

Your gift will make sure more cats in need can have all they need to thrive. Giving them the chance to find their forever home. Please give whatever you can today. 

Your donation will help us provide food, shelter, care and veterinary treatment to cats and kittens this winter.  

This Christmas, make sure that no cat is left in danger.

Just like humans, cats also need refuge from abuse. Cats like Mr Biggles. Mr Biggles could always find the best hiding places in the house. As soon as he heard loud shouting and banging, he would wriggle himself into a cupboard, squeeze behind a sofa or creep under a bed, followed closely by Ava. Ava, and her mum, Emily, were experiencing domestic abuse, and Mr Biggles was also often a target too. As Emily and Ava were preparing to leave their home, they knew they had to make sure Mr Biggles would be safe too. But with most refuges unable to accept pets, survivors can be left with an impossible decision of getting to safety but leaving their beloved pet behind, where they may be at risk of ongoing harm. 

Lifeline is just one of the ways Cats Protection is making a better life for cats and their families, even in the toughest circumstances. Today, Mr Biggles is safely reunited with Ava. Together again. Your support means we can be there for more cats this winter. 

Cats Protection Lifeline is a dedicated cat fostering service that provides temporary, safe and loving homes for cats whose families are fleeing domestic abuse. A survivor of domestic abuse often has to leave everything behind, including their cat, as most refuges are unable to accept them. They must make a painful decision to leave their cat behind in the knowledge they may be harmed, or stay, knowing that their own life might also be at risk. Just like humans, cats also need refuge from abuse. 

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