Leave A Legacy To Cats Protection

Bexley and District Cats Protection is asking cat lovers to remember them in their will, in light of a campaign which highlights that people leaving at least ten per cent of their estate to charity will benefit from an inheritance tax break.

The Legacy 10 campaign is being supported by high profile figures including Sir Richard Branson and points out that from April 2012, people who leave at least ten per cent of their estate to charities will pay less inheritance tax - 36 per cent instead of 40 per cent.

Bexley and District branch homes well over 300 cats per year, educates the public is cat care, provides neutering vouchers to the public and pays for vast amount of veterinary treatment for cats we care for. We rely heavily on donations from the public to keep running, as for every cat we help there are at least 10 more waiting to come in.

Remembering Bexley and District Branch in your Will is not just for those who are rich, any gift no matter how small goes directly to help the cats we currently look after and those who are about to come through our pens. 

For further information on remembering our branch of Cats Protection in your will please contact : -
Yvonne - treasurer@bexley.cats.org.uk