National Black Cat Day

national black cat day 2017

Some heroes go unseen.

For too long black cats have waited in the shadows as their colourful counterparts found homes. In 2017 alone, black cats took 13% longer to rehome than cats of any other colour.

It’s time to recognise these unsung heroes.

This National Black Cat Day, we're celebrating by forming a heroic team of black supercats. Cat lovers from across the UK sent us their photos and shared their stories. We were amazed by the response, but in the end we could only choose one winner and six runners up.

Well done to Fay Schofield for a fantastic photo of this year's black cat hero Joffrey.

Fay said:

"Unlike his Game of Thrones namesake, Joffrey is definitely one of the most generous and loving individuals you'll ever meet and one of the best teachers I know.

He greets each new day with the same enthusiasm he had when he was a kitten. Always ready to play and explore no matter what - which is a great lesson to learn in life.

Every day he teaches me to face the world with a smile on my face and thankfully, I know my four-legged best friend will be there for me at the end of each day."

Joffrey will lead supercat runners up Alex, Baelfire, Bagheera, Hancock, Merlin and Pickle in saving the world, one black cat at a time. We'll be sending goody bags to all our black cat heroes, and Joffrey will get his paws on some exclusive Simon's Cat artwork as well as tickets to the National Cat Awards.


Thank you to everyone who entered and helped us raise awareness this year. Remember: a black cat is for life, not just for National Black cat Day.

Show your support by texting CATS to 70020 to donate £5 per month to help cats in our care. Your donation will help find loving homes for cats of every colour.

Meanwhile, you can show your support for black cats everywhere by using the #MyBlackCatHero and #BlackCatDay hashtags on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or picking up a gift for a good cause in the Black Cat Day shop.