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Your donation means we can help the next cat through our doors.

At Cats Protection, we never know who will come through our door next. Some cats are strays, others abandoned and too often we see kittens left to fend for themselves. Every one of these stories will tug at our hearts. And all of these cats will need urgent help and care in some way. 

When a cat is welcomed into our care they receive a health check from our dedicated team. Cats are very good at hiding their pain, so it is about spotting the little signs that something isn’t right. Sometimes these checks reveal unexpected problems and every year, thousands of cats in our care  need treatment and surgery.

With your support we can check every cat thoroughly, from nose to tail.

Alongside any medical treatment, every cat receives  endless cuddles, a warm, safe bed to sleep in, plenty of food, and toys to play with. And of course, we work tirelessly to match them with new, loving owners. 

It is only with your vital support that we can rescue, treat and care for the next cat through our doors. Whenever they arrive, whatever their injury or illness, and for however long it takes to find the right new home for them. 

Please give whatever you can today to help give cats their future back. Even a small donation can make a huge difference to cats in our care. 

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Boots Appeal

When eight-year-old Boots arrived at Bridgend Adoption Centre, we could never have guessed at first glance what we’d discover when we took a closer look.

Boots’ x-ray showed that she’d been cruelly shot with a shotgun and had 14 pellets in her body. The pellets had narrowly missed her vital organs, spinal cord and brain. She’d been very lucky to survive. Thanks to the x-ray, the vet was able to safely remove as many of the pellets as possible, only leaving the ones that were too dangerous to operate on. 

“That day was one of so many days that I’ve been incredibly grateful for donations from our supporters, which means we’re able to get cats like Boots diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.” Sue Ben-Saud, Bridgend Adoption Centre Manager

Boots has now found a wonderful new home with someone who adores her. However, every year thousands of cats in our care need surgery. Either like the one Boots had, or for different kinds of injuries and health conditions. Your support is crucial in helping us look after them before, during and after their operations, staying prepared for anything we might find. 

With your support we can be there for the next Boots, with pain relief, vital surgery and endless cuddles and care.

Whatever you can give today will help our next extraordinary arrival find the love and happiness they deserve too.

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