Semi-feral cats needing outdoor homes

We are sometimes asked to assist in dealing with individual cats and colonies of cats that are feral or semi-feral and unsuited to rehoming in a normal domestic situation. These cats are ideally suited to a farm, stables, small holding, garden centre etc. and are working cats that can act as an environmentally friendly rodent control service.

Typically they do not like much human contact although there are many occasions when they do become friendly once they become confident in their new situation.

All of these cats will have been blood tested for Feline AIDs and Leukaemia as well as neutered, microchipped, flea and worm treated before being rehomed.

If you can offer one or more of these cats a home, then we only require that you agree to be responsible for their health and welfare for their lifetime. This involves a meal every day and regular treatment for fleas and worms, plus a warm place where it can sleep and shelter from the weather.

These cats need homes where they will be cared for but allowed to live their own lives. If you are able to offer one of these cats a home, please then contact us using the website contact form

Semi-feral cats