Lost Cat Advice

Below is some advice on what to do if your cat is missing.  Please contact us on enquiries@camberley.cats.org.uk for more information;

  • Report the missing cat to your micro-chip company
  • Call around all of your neighbours, ask them if you can check their sheds/garages/outbuildings with them.  If you can do this yourself you may have better luck as the cat is more likely to respond to your name
  • Put fliers through the doors of the houses that are in your local area.  Don't put your address, just your name and a photo will suffice
  • Put laminated posters on lamp posts in the local area.  Please be aware that a reward may help but you will probably get crank phone calls.
  • Notify all vets in the local area, and the local council as well as local cat charities and shelters
  • Try searching late at night (with someone to keep you company).  Around 2 a.m. is prime time as it is very quiet and sound carries further.  Try calling his/her name, wait for a while then walk a few paces and call out again - keep doing this.  You will need to listen out for the cat as it may be trapped somewhere and could call out to you.
  • On a fine night, empty the contents of your hoover in the garden, smell travels further than you realise and your cat may catch a sniff of a home smell
  • Check trees in case he/she has got stuck up one - it really does happen!
  • Register your cat on www.animalsearch.co.uk

You can also find more advice here