Microchipping your cat

Find out more about the safest and most permanent method of identification.

The importance of microchipping

Whether you've got a new kitten or you've adopted a cat, it is particularly important to microchip your pet. Microchips don't come off, or put cats at risk of collar-related injuries. The procedure is easy and no more painful than an injection - the cat won't even be aware of the microchip's presence once it has been inserted.

What should I do if I lose my cat?

Make sure you keep your contact details up to date. If you move home or change any of your contact information, you'll want to let your microchipping company know.

If you do lose your cat, double-check with the database to ensure your details are correct. If your lost cat is found and taken to a vet, you'll be contacted. Find out more about what to do if your cat goes missing here.