What we do

Cats Protection is a National Feline Rescue and Welfare Charity, taking in lost and unwanted cats, and finding new homes for them. We also encourage neutering and advise on general feline welfare problems.

The Camberley and District Branch covers the following postcodes...GU14. GU15. GU16. GU17. GU18. GU19. GU20. GU46. GU47. GU51. GU52.  We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats that need our help. This involves identifying strays, collecting them, and bringing them into care as well as helping owners who need to re-home their cats. We do not have a re-homing centre so all of our cats are looked after in foster homes, by volunteers.

We have cats of all ages for re-homing and sometimes 'feral' (semi-wild) cats that would suit a farm or stables. We often have kittens in need of homes, especially between May-September.

We can help you to spread the Cats Protection message
by giving talks to local groups, including Brownies, Scouts or senior citizen groups. We also have the materials for presentations in schools.  If you need help with any of the above issues, please call us on 0345 371 2745 or email us at enquiries@camberley.cats.org.uk

Our website is regularly updated with news, events and details of cats looking for forever homes.  If you would like to enjoy a bit of cat fun why not check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram