There are thousands of unwanted cats in the UK, one of Cats Protection's key aims is to champion the neutering message. Cats are effective breeders, so making sure your cat is neutered is particularly important. Aside from preventing unwanted kittens, neutering has plenty of health benefits too.

Neutering is the best way to deal with the issue of unwanted pregnancies - by preventing the problem in the first place. In addition, it also has health benefits for your cat.

The chance of contracting some infectious cat diseases will be reduced, as will the likelihood of developing mammary tumours (breast cancers), pyometra (life threatening womb infections), testicular cancer, and many other illnesses.

Unneutered male cats are more likely to end up injured from fighting, or stray from home. They can often spray smelly urine to attract potential mates, and experience stress from frustration if they don't find one. Neutered males are less likely to roam or fight and their urine will smell less pungent!

Female cats that haven't been neutered can become pregnant from four months of age, are more likely to contract diseases and are even at risk of developing infections. Neutering your female cat means there won't be any unwanted kittens, so there will be no expense associated with litters.
If you need support and would like help getting your cat neutered, please contact us by email and we will try to do our best to help you