Why adopt from us?

Buying a cat? Please think about adopting from us instead

Are you beginning to look for a loving cat compainion and are you thinking of buying a cat or kitten? We have cats and kittens waiting for homes so instead of buying why not adopt a cat or kitten from Cats Protection Canterbury instead.
Why Adopt from Us Cats Protection

If you adopt a cat or kitten from us you can be sure that they’re healthy, happy and ready to be rehomed. We endeavour to make sure cats and kittens in our care are:

  • health checked
  • wormed
  • vaccinated against cat flu and enteritis
  • neutered, where appropriate
When you adopt from us you will also receive a free period of pet insurance and ongoing advice and support if you need it.

Buying a cat or kitten

If you still want to buy a cat, we strongly recommend that you do so from a reputable breeder or seller. A kitten should stay with their mother until eight to nine weeks before they are rehomed. It is important that the kitten appears alert, sociable and with no visible health problems. If you’re buying a cat or kitten, here are a few things to consider.

  • Have you seen where the kitten lives and check it is well cared for?
  • Have the kittens in the litter been checked over by a vet? If so, you should be given details
  • Has the kitten been wormed or vaccinated? There should be documentation of this
  • Have you seen the mother of the kitten? Is the mother a healthy cat? Are there any hereditary illnesses or diseases? It is important to know the kitten’s history before you buy
  • Where have the kittens been kept? Keeping kittens in a busy environment will allow them to be socialised and feel safer around people once they are adults
To find out more about the cats and kittens we have available for adoption go to: www.cats.org.uk/canterbury/adopt-a-cat.