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Considering getting an indoor cat? Find out why they make excellent companions in our guide.

Indoor cats

Cats are all individuals. While some like heading out, others will be content to stay at home - especially if they've been indoor cats from a young age. Some cats need to be confined indoors due to medical conditions, while others are just happier living an indoor life.

Keeping your cat occupied

Without the adventures that await them outside, indoor cats can become bored and develop behavioural problems.

It is important to allow your cat the opportunity to exhibit normal hunting behaviour - whether that means playing with a fishing rod toy or using feeding enrichment toys.

Take a look at our video for more tips on keeping your cat entertained.

Indoor risks

Indoor-only cats can become stressed by living together with other cats in restricted territory, so it is important to keep an eye out for signs of your cats not getting on.

There are also indoor hazards to be aware of, from open cupboards, washing machines and tumble driers to balconies and windows. Some houseplants are toxic to cats and it is best to ensure these aren't within your cat's reach too, as well as human foods and medications.

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