Grief and Loss

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Help and support when you are faced with the loss of your cat.

Cats Protection are there for you if you are heartbroken over your cat passing away, or if you need to speak to someone about the difficult issue of euthanasia, or if your cat has gone missing and you need to speak to someone about your loss.

Cats Protection understands just how much your cat means to you and what you may be going through if your pet is missing, had to be rehomed, nearing the end of their life or they have recently passed away. There is a range of resources, information and support to help you at this difficult time.

Paws For Support

Need to talk to someone?

If you’re experiencing pet-related grief you can call our free and confidential phone line on 0800 024 94 94 to talk to one of our trained volunteer listeners.

While we are unable to offer counselling, we can provide you with a sympathetic ear at this difficult time so please get in touch.

The line is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday*

*excluding Bank Holidays