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Did these 6 cats forget how to cat?!

Sometimes our cats can do the strangest things, providing us with hours of entertainment and making us question whether they do in fact know how to be a cat.

We asked our fantastic followers to share their best examples of moments their moggies forgot how to cat and here are some of our favourites…


Watching TV

tabby cat sitting on grey sofa with TV remote control

Maisie loves to cat-ch up on her favourite shows on the moggy-vision. Just don't try to steal the remote control!


Eating veggies 

Mrs Kitty seems to have a taste for yummy veg as she loves to nibble on broccoli! @aerialnuwa says that she sets a good example for her son, who coincidentally also loves broccoli!


Rolling around

Neera loves to wave her paws in the air like she just doesn’t care whether she’s a cat or a dog! It also means she can show off that lovely fluffy tummy!


Getting wet 

Poe clearly didn’t get the memo that most cats aren’t keen on getting their paws wet. He just loves to explore the wonders of the bathroom sink!



Sometimes the lure of a piece of string is just too much to handle, and Maikki’s reaction seems to be to do her best cat statue impression.


Playing fetch 

Why should dogs have all the fun when it comes to a game of fetch? Herbie proves that cats are just as good at retrieving their favourite toys – hunting is one of their specialist skills after all!

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