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Here are some of the world’s most incredible cats – according to the Guinness World Records.

All cats are special in their own lap-warming, toy-chasing, head-bumping ways, but there are a few cats that have gone above and beyond to show how truly unique they are.

white cat against white background

Guinness World Records have been awarded to those select few moggies who have achieved amazing feats or were simply born a little bit different.

Here are few from the record-breaking moggy hall of fame…


Cat with the loudest purr 

Rescue kitty Merlin, from Torquay in Devon, has a purr measuring an incredible 67.8 decibels – that’s nearly as loud as a dishwasher!

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Most toes on a cat 

Canadian cat Jake was born with seven toes on each paw, adding up to 28 toes in total! Most cats have 18 toes, with five on the front two paws and four on the back two.


Longest cat

Ludo the Maine Coon from Wakefield is a whopping 118.33cm long, around two and a half times the size of the average domestic moggy!


Oldest cat ever 

Creme Puff from Texas in the USA lived for an incredible 38 years and three days before he sadly passed away in 2005. The average lifespan for a cat is around 14 years.


Most tricks performed by a cat in one minute 

Australian moggy Didga is one clever kitty as she can perform 24 different tricks in just 60 seconds, including rolling over and jumping while on a skateboard!

Longest cat whiskers 

Missi the Maine Coon from Finland has whiskers measuring 19cm long, nearly three times the length of an average cat whisker!


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