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Cats should be a man's best friend

You are probably familiar with the phrase ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ but we think it’s time to bust the stereotype and start a cat man revolution.

New research by Cats Protection shows that men who like dogs are still seen as more masculine than those who like cats, but we want to put an end to this misconception.

white cat and man with beard sitting at desk

Credit: iStock

The findings came from a survey that asked 2,000 men to assign attributes to a man in two photos – one with a cat and one with a dog. The man with the dog was more likely to be seen as masculine whereas the man with the cat was more likely to be seen as sensitive.

However, as any pet owner will know, owning either animal requires the same compassionate qualities and so there should be no judgement for men who wish to welcome a moggy into their lives.

If you’re considering becoming a cat dad but still need some convincing, here are some reasons why moggies make the best pets...


1. Cats provide endless entertainment 

grey and white cat sticking tongue out

Every cat has their own unique purrsonality complete with quirky traits that will amuse and baffle you in equal measure.

Whether they like to snooze in strange places, go crazy for catnip or bring you odd items they’ve found on their expeditions, you’ll always be kept on your toes.


2. Cats can fit around your busy lifestyle… 

brown and white tabby cat upside down on white bedding

Most cats are ok with being left along for a little while, so you don’t need to worry about leaving them when you go to work or visit your friends for the day.

If you have a cat flap then they can come and go as they please, or if your cat is happy to stay indoors then they will be there waiting for you when you get home.


3. …or be a pawsome excuse to stay home 

tabby cat and man drinking coffee on sofa

If you’d rather have a night in on the sofa with a takeaway, many moggy pals will happily keep you company while you watch your favourite TV show or do some gaming. They won’t mind if you hog the remote or binge watch an entire series, as long as you give them a chin rub every now and then.

There’s also no danger of them letting slip any Game of Thrones spoilers before you’ve had a chance to watch the next episode, unlike some other friends you might know!


4. Cats can help you get a date

man with glasses holding tabby kitten

Owning a cat shows that you are caring and responsible, both attractive qualities to a potential partner. Try including a photo with your kitty on your dating profile and you’re sure to get plenty of swipes in the right direction!

If you do manage to bag a date, you’ll have plenty of cute cat photos and stories to share as an ice breaker, and after browsing this blog you’ll be able to wow them with some fascinating feline facts too!


5. Cats can help you chill out 

grey and white cat sleeping under duvet

When life gets busy and stressful, having a moggy at home will encourage you to take some time for yourself.

Everyone knows that when a cat sits on your lap, you’re not allowed to get up so there’s nothing you can do but relax. Plus, there’s nothing more calming than a cat’s gentle purr.


6. You’ll be joining a cat-loving community 

smiling man stroking ginger cat

Credit: iStock

Around of quarter of UK adults own a cat, so you’ll be joining a community of millions of people that you’ll have at least one thing in common with…a love of cats!

To start a conversation with fellow cat dads, follow our #CatMenDo campaign and spread the word about man’s new best friend!

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