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Revealed: the safest cleaning products for a cat-friendly home

From the captivating cleaning videos of Mrs Hinch to the tidying methods of Marie Kondo, getting your house into shape has never been so popular. Whether you consider yourself a keen ‘hincher’ or you are keen on giving your home a good spring clean, we have some tips on how to make your spring clean cat-friendly, from what is poisonous to cats, to how to make your space more appealing.

What cleaning products are poisonous to cats?

pink cleaning spray bottle

Ensuring your cat avoids cleaning products that could be harmful to them is important. Some products can cause burns on your cat’s paws or even in their throat or stomach if they swallow the product. Others can cause permanent damage and some can even be fatal if your cat isn’t treated quickly. Cats can be curious creatures and are even known to drink from toilets and sinks, which can be dangerous if they contain something toxic. Products to keep out of reach include:

Signs of poisoning in cats

Concerned that your cat has come into contact with toxic cleaning products? Look out for the following signs of poisoning to know what to do next:

If your cat has any of these symptoms, it is important to contact your vet right away. Give your vet as much information as possible about what has caused their symptoms. It’s helpful to keep the packaging of the cleaning product so the vet can give them the right treatment. Find out more on how to prevent poisoning in your cat. 

How can I keep my cleaning cat-safe?

Keeping your cleaning cat-friendly can be fuss-free and you only need to make a few changes. There are plenty of pet-safe cleaning products to buy if you’re prepared to do the research, from carpet shampoo and washing detergent to stain removers.

1. Natural cleaning products

baking soda in glass bowl

There are lots of natural cleaning products that can be used to clean your home without harming your cat. These products are also less damaging to the environment. Try the following:

You’ll find plenty of YouTube videos advocating the joy of simple baking soda on stains, or how you can use vinegar to clean your windows!

2. Keep your pet out of the way

grey and white cat relaxed on sofa cushion

While your cat might be keen to help you out with the spring cleaning, keeping little paws out of the way is a good idea. Not only does it keep your surfaces clean (for a little while longer at least) but it also ensures they are out of harm’s way.

Mopping down floors or wiping down your kitchen surfaces? Keep your cat out of the space until everything is dry. They’re less likely to accidentally get cleaning products on their skin and you’re less likely to end up with pawprints on your newly mopped floor!

If you’ve just put bleach down the toilet, keep the toilet lid closed to ensure your cat doesn’t start drinking. Do you have a mischievous cat that has learnt to open cupboard doors? Keep cleaning products on a high shelf, or consider putting a childproof lock on your cupboard.

3. Make your space cat-friendly

Fans of clean and tidy homes will be pleased to hear that cats also appreciate an ordered environment. They’re also fans of their own space. Find more information about creating a cat-friendly home.  

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