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Cat memes: 10 reasons you should adopt a cat

We all know there are a number of proven health benefits to owning a cat – cat owners are less likely to suffer from stress and are known to relax more and have greater life satisfaction. Cats can make a house a home.

So once you’ve decided cat ownership is for you, why should you adopt rather than buy a cat?

1. If you adopt a cat from Cats Protection, you’ll be providing a home for one of the thousands of cats in our care

Cat on white fleece blanket meme

2. A cat adopted from Cats Protection will have been treated to our minimum veterinary standards, meaning it will have been examined by a veterinary surgeon, vaccinated against flu and enteritis, treated against fleas, roundworm and tapeworm, neutered where necessary and any sick cats have been blood tested for FIV and FeLV

male vet holding white and ginger kitten meme

3. Every cat rehomed by Cats Protection has four weeks’ free Petplan insurance, giving you peace of mind and reassurance

Tabby cat sleeping meme

Original photo by aperture_lag via flickr / Creative Commons

4. We’ll be able to provide you with some information about the cat’s history, temperament and characteristics

black cat with mouth open in adoption centre pen meme

5. Adopting from us will free up a space for another cat to come into our care!

black and white kitten held by volunteer in adoption centre

6. We’ll try our very best to match you with a cat that will be happy in your environment and will match your lifestyle

black cat hiding under blue fleece blanket meme

7. Adopt because no cat deserves to spend months in an adoption centre waiting for a home

white and tabby cat sitting on blue fleece meme

8. We don’t just have cute kittens – we have a choice of older cats, house cats, pedigree cats, feral cats, mousers – a whole host of different colours, shapes and temperaments

Elderly black and white cat in adoption centre pen meme

9. After adopting we’ll get in touch to see how you and puss are getting along, as well as pass on tips and advice on how to get them settled in

black cat being stroked by mum and daughter on sofa meme

10. If you adopt you’ll be giving cats like Daisy, currently at our Mid Sussex Branch a second chance at happiness. She might look fed up but she’s very friendly!

Tabby cat wearing Elizabethan collar meme

To find out more about getting a rescue cat, visit our Adopt a cat guide.

You can also use our Find-a-Cat search to find a cat in your area that needs a home.

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