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Have you ever wondered whether you live in one of the most cat-loving areas of the UK?

The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers, with fabulous felines and cute canines the most popular furry companions by far. But which areas are particularly cat-crazy and which are more of a doggy domain?

Sainsbury Bank surveyed over 4,000 Sainsbury’s customers around the UK to find out more about which pets live where and now the results are in.

Although the canines came out on top overall, with 74% of people favouring dogs compared to 26% preferring cats, certain areas are clearly populated by kitty lovers. Norwich has the highest level of cat ownership in the UK (44% of households have a cat) and alongside Brighton also has the joint highest percentage of people who prefer cats to dogs (40%).

The survey also asked pet owners if they think their pets benefit their health and 85% of those who own a cat said that they feel happier and have a better quality of life because of their moggies.

To find out whether you live in an area of feline fans or dog devotees, simply visit the Sainsbury’s Bank interactive map and enter your postcode.

You can also see a breakdown of the results in the infographic below, including which cat and dog breeds are the most popular in each area.

Do you live in a UK cat hotspot? Let us know why you think your area is particularly purrfect for moggies on social media.

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