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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Five things your cat does to show they love you.

Learning to understand your cat by reading their body language is a fascinating part of owning a cat. It can actually improve your relationship too.

Cats haven’t evolved the many visual communication signals that are seen in social species, like dogs, because they haven’t had to. It can mean they’re difficult to read as their body language is very subtle – but if you know what to look out for you’ll begin to recognise the signs.


  1. Slow blinking – means they’re relaxed in your presence 
  2. Showing their tummy – a greeting behaviour, but don’t be tempted to rub their tummy, most cats don’t like to be touched there
  3. Giving you a head butt – when a cat rubs their forehead against you they’re releasing a scent that tells them you’re their ‘friend’
  4. Kneading – a behaviour leftover from kittenhood which, as adults, means they’re feeling content
  5. Pointing their tail up – they’re happy to see you

How well do you know your cat?

Click on the link at the end of the above video to get your free guide on cat behaviour.

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