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Birmingham Branch finds new homes for unlucky cats twice.

Our North Birmingham Branch has cared for black-and-white brothers Mitch and Marcus twice – once after they were dumped in a shed at three weeks old and needed to be hand-reared.

The second time, the cats were returned to the branch’s care through no fault of their own. They were brought along to several of the branch’s rehoming days but were repeatedly passed over by potential adopters, as often happens with black and black-and-white felines.

The pair’s luck changed in January, though, when a family from the Cotswolds decided that the monochrome mogs were for them.

New owner Janet, who knows CP volunteer Mary, says: “When Mary told me about these two and their sad story, we just had to view them and take them home. Our eight-year-old son Oliver has already renamed them Rough and Tumble.

little boy stroking white and black cat

Oliver with Tumble


“They’re enjoying their freedom so much we can’t get a photo of them together, they turn up for a fuss one at a time!”

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