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Top ways to understand your cat's body language.

The latest video in the Simon’s Cat Logic series sees illustrator Simon Tofield team up with Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow to reveal how to understand your cat’s body language.

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“I’ve created this big fat loveable cat who of course can’t talk,” explains Simon, “so if I want to show any emotion or how he’s feeling, I have to do it through body language.”

He goes on to show how he expresses emotion when drawing an ‘angry’ cat.

Nicky says: “Cat body language is an area that’s absolutely fascinating. However, cats are really subtle as a species – much more so than species like ourselves and dogs – and it means it can be quite difficult to really ‘read’ how they’re feeling.

“What’s important is to look at facial expression and body language, particularly in the context, so we can understand what’s going on.”

Nicky goes on to explain how to understand when a cat is saying ‘hello’ and how cats use their tails, ears and eyes to express a variety of emotions. Watch the video to find out:


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