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Follow these helpful tips to keep your cat safe in the snow and through winter.

For many, winter in the UK wouldn't be complete without a seasonal frost or sprinkling of snow. However if you’re enjoying serene, white vistas from the comfort of your living room and planning how you’re going to stay on your feet when you eventually emerge from the warmth of your home, consider how much greater the challenge would be if you were under a foot tall, enjoyed spending time in the great outdoors and only owned one coat, courtesy of Mother Nature.

For most of us, the problems posed by a temperature drop represent little more than an inconvenience. For cats, however, the risks can be far greater – especially if there’s ice or snow on the ground and they aren't used to their new environment.

black and white cat jumping in snow

A snowy garden can be a whole new world! Photo by Tambako The Jaguar via flickr / Creative Commons

To find out how you can keep your beloved pet safe when the temperatures plummet, check out our top tips below.

ginger cat sitting in wooden shelter in the snow

Provide a place to shelter from the elements. Photo by Julie Krawczyk (German) via flickr / Creative Commons

For more advice on looking after cats during the winter months, check out the advice graphic below and remember, if you have a question on any aspect of cat safety, you can always call our national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or contact us via our website.

Cosy cats in winter infographic
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