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Little kitten Bear and his new toddler friend are growing up together.

This post has been written by our Taunton & Wellington Branch

We have written before about the need for children to learn that cats and kittens deserve respect and understanding and there is no doubt that this is a two-way matter!

Adopters with young family members have told us that the introduction of a cat or kitten into the family home has often resulted in a child who was previously unsure or nervous around animals soon gaining the confidence to trust and understand the new arrival as well as becoming confident with other animals as well. With adult supervision, young children can learn how to approach and handle cats correctly in a safe and feline-friendly manner and this can be a positive experience for both parties.

ginger and white tabby kitten in cat bed

Little kitten Bear was found dumped outside a house looking very scared and hungry. The householders could not take him in as they have an indoor FIV+ cat (adopted from us) so he came into the care of the branch. We estimated that he was about seven weeks old. From the outset he was an extremely friendly little chap who had obviously been in a home, but we never had any reports of a lost kitten of his description. We were delighted that he went to a home with a child as he was ideally suited.

man gardening with toddler and ginger cat

These photos of Bear with his new chum Belle says it all. Hopefully both will go on to enjoy and share life’s experiences in a positive way.

redhead toddler holding cat food bowl for ginger and white cat

Bear's new owner Colleen says: "Bear has settled in so well, he is a lovely addition to our family and we love having him. He is brilliant with Belle and she has learned what he likes!

"Belle feeds Bear every day and they love to play in the garden together!

"They continue to be best friends and it is heart-warming to see them grow together. Bear really has completed our family."

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